Hello again beautiful people,

It seems that all of our newsletters must begin with an apology on the lapse in correspondence. As some of you may know, January was a particularly busy month for us due to all of the blood and sweat we have poured into our first studio album. We have even attached a little collage of some photos from the trip. Rest assured now that we are back in the saddle we shall be ever vigilant in sending you our monthly missives.

We spent January 5th through 10th in Woodstock, NY recording at the hallowed Levon Helm Barn Studio. Aided by the wonderful Benny Grotto and Justin Guip, we cut the basics for all 10 tracks on our upcoming LP in three days. This was a particularly cathartic experience for all of us and one we will be sure to tell future generations. As of Sunday, February 2nd, all tracking for the album has been completed. This includes all of the vocals, strings, guitar overdubs, mandolin, accordion and a few piano parts. Not surprisingly we are suitably enthusiastic on how this record is going to sound when we turn it over to you. We still have to have it mixed and mastered but then our love letter to all of you shall be done. Expect it to be in your hands by late April, barring any unseen circumstances. We will also be sure to let all of you in the area know when our album release show will be so that we can see all of your shining countenances when we hand you a copy.

To all of the amazing individuals who donated to our Kickstarter, look out for some Kickstarter related surveys headed your way. We’re starting to gear up in getting all of your merch baskets together! (On a side note I feel it necessary to say that it won’t actually come in a ‘basket’ per se. The band has a host of useless talents but unfortunately weaving baskets is not one of them. Not that we don’t respect the hell out of people who can.)

We are also pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Green Line Records operating out of the prestigious Northeastern University. We are absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to work together with these fine individuals.

We have a couple of shows coming up soon. For those who made it out to our show at the Middle East on the 20th, thank you for sharing an incredible evening with us.

On February 20th, we’re playing an acoustic set at “Gallery 263″ in Cambridge with the infallible Zach Torres, Animal Flag and The Western Den. As always, bring your best dancing shoes and have a good time. Unfortunately that is the only show we have for the rest of February so make sure to catch us.

Then on March 12th, we will be playing at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge. We will be playing alongside the show stopping Sun and The Moon and The Interlopers. The doors open at 8:30, we do so hope to see you there. We’ll update you on more shows as they develop and until then the best way to see where we’re playing is through our Facebook page.

Until next time, we’ll keep doing our thing and you keep being you.
Much Love,

PS. If anyone has any ideas for the album name, we’d be interested in hearing them.

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